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Producers Only Community

Producers Only Community

Producers are those that are responsible for putting food on the table for not just themselves, but entire companies. The stress and pressure faced are unique and excruciating. The Empire Project is the only community strictly for full-time producers to train on every topic, ranging from lead generation and closing to dealing with the emotional roller coaster of production. At our core, we are focused on collaboration and networking, along with the training of 6 elite frameworks that closers use around the globe to scale revenue. 


Network & Collaboration

Net worth is directly related to your network. In the Empire Project community, you will network and collaborate with industry leaders, producers around the globe, and individuals from all walks of life. Learn what tools, techniques, mindsets, methodologies, and frameworks others are using to grow their revenue, income, and overall impact on their community.

The Code

Sales is about authenticity, relationship building, and cutting through the noise of your industry. Learn the code elite sales professionals live by, at both a personal and professional level, that enable them to separate themselves from the rest and be a beacon in the marketplace.

Core 4 Producer

There are 4 areas we can boil life down to Body (health), Being (wellbeing), Balance (relationships), and Business. Elite sales professionals don’t just focus on business. They learn the Core 4 framework to excel in each area of their lives, which ultimately makes business nothing more than a game to be dominated.

The Sales Code

If we can think about sales in an unorthodox manner, we can also get unorthodox results. The Sales Code is the mental framework that enables us to get tactical. It’s a set of 7 principles we operate by that make sales simple, authentic, and give us the power to break through our competitive industries.

Hold the Frame

Learn what it means to own the frame with your prospects and clients, starting by finding the certainty in yourself to overcome their doubt. We’re not talking about some bullshit, fleeting motivation. We’re talking about a level of certainty in yourself to overcome a prospect’s doubt.

Empire Attraction

This is the practical and tactical breakdown of the process elite sales professionals use to build relationships with C-Suite professionals in companies of all sizes. This is the step-by-step guide to break relationship building down into a science while giving you the ability to interject your own personality and art into the process.

Key 4

Learning the Key 4 framework is a tool that condenses our workflows, brings clarity, and makes the busy life of a sales professional simple. We need to focus on the most strategic moves we can make at a given time, not just focus on volume of work. We’re going to break down how to do this step-by-step, enabling you to shift and optimize in your business quicker.

Tools & Tactics

Once you finally have implemented the 6 key frameworks in your life we teach within The Empire Project, we move on to tools and tactics. These are technologies that enable you to communicate your message and reach your audience at scale, growing your revenue from a place of “surviving” to “thriving”. 





Innovation within sales is required to become a top producer. Learn how AI, automation, and innovative frameworks can put you in front of the right prospects at the right time in our twice-weekly live training environment.

Personalized Automation

Personalized Automation

A proper sales system is both personalized and fueled by automation. Train on the same tools and tactics Fortune 500 companies are using to streamline the sales cycle in a community of producers with the same targets.



Immerse yourself in the same systems your competitors are using to do more in less time within the realm of sales, marketing, and growth. Learn the skills and technology you need to create a scalable sales system for your company.

Sales Team Packages

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The Empire Project is a community that is focused on giving ten times back what you put in. If you’re dedicated to learning from other producers and educating yourself on top-notch frameworks and tactics, join The Empire Project and expect the following:

  • Training twice per week on every facet of sales
  • Daily communication with the entire community of producers
  • Opportunities to have live hot seats with sales leaders and trainers
  • On-demand feedback and support from entrepreneurs and sales leaders

Previous results

"21 LEAP took my firm to a global scale."

Over the last 2 years, 21 LEAP has helped take my firm to a global scale. We now operate on two continents and have a global partner network. They know sales inside and out, and I trust them with my business.

"21 LEAP helped us grow and scale our sales abilities in the U.S."

21 LEAP helped us grow and scale our sales abilities in the U.S. It was a very intense two week workshop through the Empire Attraction framework. Although our team was very scared at the beginning of the project, our entire team trusts Stephen and was able to leave their comfort zone, resulting in success of the project.

"Stephen at 21 LEAP had the best training"

From my point of view, Stephen at 21 LEAP had the best training I’ve been through with the most valuable content. I look forward to working with the team further in the future.

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