sales automation

Systematizing and automating are the keys to success.

WHAT IS sales automation?

A business with predictable, automated growth is unstoppable. This type of organization is able to invest, grow, and scale intelligently. To promote this sort of scalability in a client, we work with their sales and technology teams to automate workflows, optimize systems and integrations, as well as build out proven sales playbooks.
Keep what works, eliminate what doesn't.
Through sales automation, your business and its revenue-generating operations are analyzed, refined, and refined again to maximize productivity. The resulting workflows are laid out in an easy-to-understand format for easy reference.


System Optimization

We all have systems and processes in place, but it doesn't mean they're optimal for our specific business needs, nor does it mean they're integrated properly. Our team of experts analyzes your business use-case and provides optimizations so your team can close more deals in less time.

Workflow integration

Almost any business is used to using dozens of systems and technologies that create redundancies and data entry. 21 LEAP analyzes each system your company is using and works to integrate each tool using APIs, integrative tools, and more in partnership with your sales and technology teams.

productivity automation

Too many companies are using accountability systems, project management software, and reporting functions on an individual basis. There's no set process, creating havoc across the organization. We work to systematize our clients' processes and keep their teams as productive as possible.

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