SALES development

We're in business to land deals and partner with you to drive revenue for your business.


Closing a deal is both a science and an art. If you miss either of these, your company is now dead in the water. We work with clients to implement systems and processes (the science) that enable them to scale B2B revenue, while also teaching them unorthodox way we communicate value (the art) to prospects, enabling our clients to close $10’s of millions of dollars every year.
Stop selling based on price. Start selling based on value.
No team, no matter how junior or well-established, is ever done optimizing their science or art to closing a deal. At 21 LEAP, we use AI, analytics, and experience to scale. Need to optimize your process? Let’s talk. Need a team of experts to close deals for you? Let’s roll.


Sales Outsourcing

There are a million lead generation firms around the globe, but there are few partners you can count on to close deals for you. 21 LEAP’s sole aim is to scale revenue. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced prospecting tools in combination with years of experience (Fortune 500 down to VC-backed startups) to drive actual cash for you and your team.

Sales Consulting

Consulting isn’t about bringing more complexity and confusion into your business, yet that’s what most do. We’re unorthodox at 21 LEAP. We create simple, strategic plans that you can use to execute and start to scale your business within the next 90 days. Grow your revenue with a clear vision of what you need to do next at all times.

Sales Training

Technology companies that want to quickly scale know they need a sales team. The problem is very few  have the experience and expertise to train full sales teams. At 21 LEAP, we train sales teams from the ground up based on our experience selling millions to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.