Purpose: Walk away with every action step, system, optimization, etc you need for a sales system that is

Cost: 5k if done in a virtual setting, additional 5-20k for on-site plus expenses

Outcome: Documentation providing insight, strategy, and tactics across the areas of …


Growth is great but when unsustainable, it can do more harm than good. Don’t just grow a business, harness your upward mobility in a sustainable way for long-term scalability.


Stop guessing what will work and forge ahead confidently. Imagine not having to worry about what deals are coming in when.


Have all your workflows and processes fine-tuned for the highest-possible performance from your team. No need to test various tools, theories, or methods; we’ll do the work for you.

Comprehensive documentation sharing insights tactics, & Strategy on...

Sales workflows

Sales technology and automation

Salles team capabilities

Customer Experience

Sales org structure

Messaging and communication strategy

Persona diagramming

Conversion rate optimization


The 21LEAP team has worked with, supported, and accelerated companies ranging from large Fortune 500 listers to bootstrapped and VC-backed startups on 5 continents. With Sales Recon, you get our years of expertise and problem-solving applied to and customized for your unique company.


Gathering the right information is one thing, but truly absorbing and acting on it is another. 21LEAP’s thoroughly personalized training and documentation is designed to be highly engaging, promoting increased comprehension and adaption. Why spend money on a program you won’t use tactically?


Instead of taking the time, energy, and money to trial-and-error your way to success, Sales Recon allows you to reap the benefits of an in-depth, specialized analysis without wasting any of your resources. The best part? We’ll wrap up our findings and present them to you wi¬th a bow.

Week 1:


Week 2:


Week 3:


Week 4:


Week 1:


  • The kick-off in Week 1 will consist of multiple video conferences to dive into the problem, possibility, product, and more. These video conferences will provide the context the 21 LEAP team needs to conduct research, interject experience, and provide a comprehensive sales initiative strategy.
  • Documentation, collateral, and system access that is relevant will be required to conduct a full analysis. Any and all sales tools, customer data, and more will be analyzed to see any (if applicable) historical trends and data that can be indicative of future planning.
Week 2:


Market Mapping
  • Coming up with a solution to a problem is one thing but relating that problem and communicating it to the right market is another. 21 LEAP takes responsibility for this process by using experience, market research tactics, and more to tailor your sales initiative to the right market at the right time.
Persona Diagramming
  • o We go further than simple customer demographics. 21 LEAP dives into the psychology of your defined market segment, looking at what makes your ideal persona tick and take action. We help you understand how to influence your prospects emotionally, leaving a “sticky” customer as a result.
Week 3:


Week 3 is focused on taking the Analysis and Research phases and developing the material you need to truly scale your product. This includes…
  • Identifying the communication strategy and messaging you need to resonate with your audience
  • Mapping out the sales technology stack you need to communicate your message efficiently
  • Providing verified lead lists based on the market mapping and persona diagramming
  • A step-by-step customer journey guide to have an optimized, predictable sales cylce
Week 4:


Week 4 is about documenting everything covered in each of the previous three phases of Sales Recon. We provide a comprehensive package for you to consume the information and tactically implement each step.
  • You are given an action step list in the proper sequence and with any related budget you might need to make your project successful. This includes any inbound and outbound efforts and how to tackle each initiative accordingly.
  • Your documentation is perfect to share with investors, showing you’ve done your homework, have a plan in place, and can execute your strategies properly based on the due diligence completed.
Sales Recon


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